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Bokehliscious colors for the bride & groom

When Lucia met Cary it was 'game over'. As she recalls she fell instantly in love with the LA native during her visit to America. He was the tall blonde haired party guy with a promising career and she was exploring America before her big job position she was to take in Prague. Cary was as taken with Lucia as she was with him. For 10-year they dated, traveled, laughed, cried and had the time of their lives. Cary was do devoted to Lucia that he packed up and moved his video production company to Prague to be closer to her.

When they finally decided to marry the question was where? Being from Slovakia with many of her friends and family there was the obvious choice. But Prague the City of 100 Spires was also a contender. Though they loved that trip to Mexico to participate in their friends destination wedding. In the end the Grand Tatras and a very special hotel that looks straight out of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel won out.

On a very hot summer day these two with about 70 of their closes family & friends from all around the world converged to celebrate and party ( it was an unforgettable one at that ).

As we had captured the 'lads' doing their best 'Resorvoir Dogs' imitation and a few stunning photos of the lady it was time to capture these two. This is one of the results of having these two together. Just a simple portrait of a silhouetted, happy and loving couple. Though there were many wonderful images captured during that day - who can forget the crazy dancing pictures - this one remains a standout.

Artistic bride & groom wedding day portraits

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