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Enjoying the twilight

Bespoke Pre weddings beautifully captured in Prague

It is one of our most popular and requested photos: that of a couple enjoying the twilight hour overlooking the Charles Bridge at sunrise. For our latest couple - it was the perfect way to start off their pre wedding in Prague.

Annabelle & Nathan met in 2008 during their university studies and though they were both in a relationship they quickly became good friends. The more they would see each other the more they seemingly would draw closer. They experienced the many trials and tribulations of their personal and academic lives as close friends. As Annabelle put it, ‘we finally decided to be together when we graduated in 2012.’

A few years later they decided to travel to Prague for their pre wedding. They both explained that ‘Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe! The City of 100 Spires did not disappoint. After getting to know them I proposed an idea to them - and they simply loved it. Pictured here is the results of that.

I always smile when couples request this same image, though we always try to make it a bit unique to each couple. This image always brings me back to that time where the magic of Prague left an indelible impression on a young couple - one that will never be forgotten.

Cinematic portraits individually created for unique couples

Interested in how we created this photo?

If you get lucky you have about a 15 minute of opportunity when the sky lightens up just enough to create these wonderful reflections of light on the water. If you are at this location at night chances are you will be surrounded by many tourists and of course the river will be quite busy with boats - both large and small. To capture this motif you really need to be up before sunrise. For our latest couple who had seen a previous photo that was shot at this location - this was one of the locations that they truly wanted. As you can see it is quite beautiful and when you print it up large it is stunning. A lantern that was bought at a souk in Dubai was used as a prop. An off camera flash was used (camera left) to light her dress ensuring that it is bright and white. The only factor was timing it just right. The exposure was done manually to ensure the exact look that I wanted to create. Post processing was done via Capture One.

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