Golden light portraits

Golden light portraits

Mike Spinning Tina at the Wallenstein Palace in Prague

Tina & Mike already had the crazy, all day & exhaustive, 3 wedding dress pre-wedding photo shoot in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. They decided that for their next portrait session - they would chose a different style and do things very differently.

Their idea was to keep it simple; no posing. Just two people exploring Prague and being captured in the moment. With their fun and quirky personalities that was not a problem at all. The only thing, keeping up with these two as they ran off in various directions and laughing all the way.

One of the highlights of that morning was after the sun made its late appearance (the morning was quite gray when we started out). As the sky cleared the sun simply blinded us. Though many photographers prefer the gray soft skies, this is the kind of light that some dream of. With the right approach you can create truly unique images that play on the shadow and light.

Coming to the end of their session we came across this visually unique streetat the historic Wallenstein Palace. It is one moment from many that Tina & Mike experienced in Prague on that day. A day where everything came together beautifully for ayoung couple who are really living the dream of traveling the world and enjoying every moment of it.

Sunrise pre wedding photos for adventurous couples visiting Prague!

Interested in how we got this photo?

This session started very early in the am with a particular focus on capturing the Golden Light Hour in Prague. Though the sky was a bit grey when we started the sun did come out. As this couple wanted a more spontaneous type of session (to suit their personalities) we visited places that are a bit off the tourist route. This photo was captured shortly before we ended their session and at the end of the Golden Light Hour. As the light is low enough in the sky it creates a flared look as the sun is directly captured in the wide angle lens. In addition, as the light was very strong / contrasty it provided us with some wonderful reflections of light patterns seen in this image. All of the flare is natural and was not accentuated in post. The idea of picking up Tina was also Mike's idea as that was the kind of couple that they were: fun!

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