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Ledebour garden - pre wedding with Ting & Jeff

The funniest thing about Ting & Jeff - they were very worried about having terrible photos. They explained that they had been photographed before (non pro) and were very disappointed. So much so that they were at their wits end when they contacted me. For couples from Asia having a killer set of pre wedding photos to share back at home during the wedding ceremony is a big deal. In fact it has become a bit of a challend for couples to one up each other with the best locations, best photographers and of course those crazy designer dresses and etc.

After listening to their concerns I suggested a natural light session: no assistants, no waiting to set up gear, no art directing, just two people exploring the best of Prague and in their own way and pace.With these types of sessions there is minimal directing in hopes that couples just relax and enjoy the moment and let me worry about creating beautiful pictures. They were game.

On a chilly Autumn morning where the sky was still dark, were headed out to explore the very best that Prague has to offer. The first place: the Charles Bridge. The more they experienced first hand the quiet beauty of this incredible city the more they became themselves.

I always explain to couples that these sessions are not about being posed but about capturing how you felt at that moment in time. For this couple, 2.5 hours was the magic amount of time and who can forget the breathtaking beauty of the Ledebour garden.

Not only did Ting & Jeff relax and have fun, they had a blast as this unscripted (ok, I did tell them to go up those beautiful steps) photo attests to...

Showing his lady who the man is at the Ledebour garden

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