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magical sunrise portraits

magical sunrise at the Charles Bridge

There is something quite ethereal about the Charles Bridge at sunrise. This is especially true in the winter months. The play of light and shadows surrounding the historical statues as the mist rises up from the Vltava creates a truly other world experience. It's easy to understand why schools painters seek this quality of light when they create.

Joyce & Timmy chose to travel to Prague in the winter months in hopes of capturing a winter wonderland. With it being very cold (early March) most would have thought that Mother Nature would have cooperated. Sadly this was not the case as we had very little snow.

The lack of snow did not stop them from having a very intimate, atmospheric and cinematic winter photo session. The experience of walking through the many historic locations nearly all to themselves is something they will never forget.

And then they arrived to the Charles Bridge: it was almost like being on a movie set where everything was created especially for them. Standing in the centre and slowly turning around to see it all as they held each other tight for warmth.

They were completely dazzled by the sun flaring beautifully above and just below the historic arch of the tower. This exacting light and the flare framed them as Timmy picked up Joyce and spun her around in the sunlight.

The only thing more wonderful - seeing the huge smiles on their faces when they took a peak at the back of the monitor to see how awesome they looked in thei pre wedding images. Though it was freaking cold that day - 14 it was an unforgettable experience.


More about this image. Recently there has been a trend to add sun flares in Photoshop or Lightroom. Though if it matches the correct angle and lighting it can add some drama to the image. When it is done badly, well it just looks bad. For this picture the sun was flaring beautifully. Though this can also cause some issues as the colors tend to go awry and for many cameras the AF system is fooled and it loses tracking. To capture an image like this it is almost always best to do a manual exposure and to try to limit blowing out your highlights. The frame will be overexposed but with the right software you can bring back the highlights. This image was processed in Capture One.

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