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pre-wedding photo session

capturing the magical atmosphere of Prague

The star attraction that gorgeous Autumn morning was undoubtedly Zoe & Billy who had an elegant pre-wedding photo session captured in Prague. These sessions have become a rite of passage for young couples who wish to showcase their gorgeous photos during their wedding ceremony and reception back at home.

Dressed in their evening wear these two really made an impression as they explored the Charles Bridge that beautiful summer morning. The romantic atmosphere of Prague did not disappoint as they walked around very happily in wonder of the historic charms.

The twilight hour provided us with a spectacle of colors that left us in awe. They were all smiles as they cuddled, posed and embraced under that incredible sky. This photo is one of many that beautifully captures that special moment they experienced on that unforgettable morning in Prague!

To view their album layout please visit this link to view their gorgeous collection.

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More details on how this session was created. Their hair & makeup artist met them at 2 am at their hotel in Mala Strana. Typically hair & makeup artists will need anywhere from 2 - 2 1/2 hours of prep time if there is no trial run. After preparation we began their session at 4:30 am so that they would have more time to have night time imagery captured.

As they wished to have part of their session captured at the Vrtba Garden as well as the Letna overlook we had a pause in coverage to allow for both an outfit change and some refreshments.

The chosen locations: Kampa Park, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge reprise. Following the break they were photographed at the Letna overlook and at the Vrtba Garden in Prague.

This is an 8 hour session with an upgrade for the additional time and the 2nd hair & makeup look.As their session took place in September, the days are shorter due to the sun rising later in the morning.

If you are interested in knowing more please visit our section on FAQ About Our Portrait Sessions in Prague. Or send us an email via the contact below.

More details on how this image was created.

Working with mixed lighting - especially on the Charles Bridge at this time of day can be quite tricky. This is why I am a big fan of using manual exposures as well as manually shifting the white balance. To create the rim light effect (to separate them from the background) a flash was set up behind the couple. The main light in the front is from another flash that was places in a softbox. Both flashes were triggered remotely with a PocketWizard System. To ensure that the background was exposed correctly - a manual reading of the ambient was taken to adjust the overall scene. This is also helpful to hide the people on the Charles Bridge - but close attention is needed to not clip the blacks. Post processing was done in Capture One Pro where the settings were warmed up a bit to overcompensate for the blue color temperature from the flashes.

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