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romantic night photos

Romantic pre wedding pHOTOS FROM Prague Castle

This very shy couple met during their undergrad in Hong Kong. Her first impression: he had that typical 'Hong Kong smile', but his 'boyish good looks' definitely piqued her curiosity. His impression of her: she had 'a strong personality' perhaps a 'bit too bossy.' After some prodding by friends they became better acquainted and shortly afterwards - they became a couple. A few years later and with their family's blessing they announced their nuptials.

Like many couples it was time to plan their pre wedding. For our couples from Hong Kong these portrait sessions are a way to showcase their travels as well as be photographed beautifully. Of course in Hong Kong it has also become a fashion statement to have unusual locations and of course the more the better.

Yet, as the bride2be explained: what they wished for was a more relaxing, 'non posey', session, and one without the tourists in their backgrounds. I knew exactly what style of photos they wanted: stylish, atmospheric and imagery without any people that allows them to be the centre of attention. Sounds easy but the truth is - it is anything but in a tourist hot spot such as Prague.

To alleviate their fears and to make them very happy we started very early in the pre dawn hours to capture a city that was still asleep. The view overlooking Prague that beautiful morning was one they will never forget. The twinkling lights down below and the night time sky slowly changing towards daylight was an unforgettable moment.

We did a lot of walking, dancing, laughing and simply enjoying those beautiful moments that morning, This photo of them exploring the golden hued atmosphere of the historic courtyard of Prague Castle is one of many moments.

Pre weddings photography from Prague

To capture these types of night time motifs, our couple was at Prague Castle approximately 90 minutes before sunrise. Image was processed in Camera One.

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