walking into the sunlight

walking into the sunlight

Chinese couple walking in Mala Strana during their Prague Overseas Photo Session

The early morning sunlight silhouettes our latest couple from China as they walk down a narrow lane as the sun flares above the 14th century facades of Prague's Mala Strana.

Our adventurous couple began their pre dawn session overlooking Prague at one of our favorite locations. Watching the morning sun break above the historic skyline of Prague Castle and the valley down below is an experience. The only sounds were the birds singing and an occasional tram that had passed through the deserted Mala Strana down below added to the moment.

Unlike many of our Chinese couples, these two wanted to enjoy the experience of Prague without feeling like they are checking off a list of locations.

We headed down through the vineyards towards Mala Strana to a few more visually interesting locations and historic sights - and all along the way with whas the bride had described as 'God's Light' guiding us.

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Much of what I create is based on our ability to connect with each other. If you prefer the more personalized approach to your photogrpahy, please get in touch. Feel free to tell me a bit about yourselves as having that connection allows me to tell your story that much better.

More about this photo. This image was captured using a 14mm lens. The beautiful thing about using such a wide angle lens is that it flares beautifully. Though if you are not careful it can also warp the perspective such as this narrow lane near the American Embassy. The colors were warmed up a bit in Capture One - recognized as the industry standard for studio photography.

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