wedding day portraits

wedding day portraits

bride & groom posing at the castle

Daisy & Luis posing as castle guards in their wedding attire is a unique take on the pre-wedding photo. But as these two very fun and sweet Hong Kongers are always up for an adventure - this was one of many stylish and unique portraits created on their actual wedding day.

Their wedding day expeirence is certainly not the norm. As they explained the wanted to have and experience the best that Prague has to offer. Not only were they having a pre sunrise pre wedding they were also going to marry at the Old Town Hall later that morning.

This has become quite popular with our couples from Asia as their bodies are still on Asian time and as such they do not mind the crazy early morning start. But getting married on the same day? Well that was a new one.

The plan: wake up very early for a pre sunrise portrait session, take a small break to freshen up, and then get married at 10 am at the Old Town Hall and end it with a horse & carriage ride. Sounds easy...

But they had one final request: could we have a small evening session - on the same day as well? Madness you may think - or at least I thought... But knowing how important this is for couples from I could only smile and agree. As Daisy had confided to me that she is a dog lover and takes in strays to fix up - how could I say no to her?

Their sunrise session began at the historic Prague Castle and before the gates were opened to the public. The guard shacks are always a hit with some couples and as such, we created this picture. The beautifully lit Prague Castle in the early am provided a quiet, magical scene that was straight out of a movie. The gas lit streets also provided a wonderful ambiance as we walked around having the serene, cobblestone streets all to ourselves with the twinkling lights of Prague down below.

After traveling to the usual locations (the Charles Bridge, Riverside and of course around Kampa Park) we headed to the very busy Old Town Square where they were quickly ushered upstairs to sign the paperwork and a few moments later - exchanged their vows. Marrying at the Old Town is like a Vegas wedding, you get in, enjoy the small sample of its uniqueness and you get out quite quickly after the ceremony. It does make for a nice picture when a bride and groom exit the historic doors as the crowd stands nearby waiting for the Astronomical Clock to perform its little show and applauds them.

A short carriage ride afterwards provided the ending to their wonderful and truly unforgettable morning. We were all pretty tired and I was a bit concerned about how they would fare in the evening. Catching up with them later they were all smiles as the hair & makeup team readied them for their very short and magical sunset session.

Daisy & Louis were visibly very pleased. It was after all their wedding day and I wanted to ensure that they had everything they desired.

A week later they called with a new request: would we be willing to fly up to Venice for a small session? I had a request of my own: 'only if we have a sunrise session.' They were game!

That awesome morning we will showcase later...

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Interested in how we created this photo?

As their session started quite early in the am we were able to use the Castle Gates as their backdrop. Normally on summer days the gates are opened and guards are in place at 6 am.

As these two are fans of unique architecture it was an obvious choice to pose them inside the gates. With the use of a a PocketWizard system we were able to fire the flashes remotely. The image was warmed up in post using Capture One.

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