WPJA winning image Sunrise E-Session Charles Bridge


For Dalila and Andreas, a love story photo session in Prague was not just a celebration of their anniversary, but also a poignant homage to a city they once called home, as they contemplated a return to Rome. Prague held a special place in their hearts, second only to their beloved Roma, and they sought to immortalize its beauty as a cherished memory.

With a keen understanding of the city's charm and its desired aesthetic, Dalila and Andreas sought a brief yet poignant photography experience. Interestingly, amidst Prague's iconic landmarks, the Astronomical Clock held no allure for them. Instead, they yearned to be captured authentically and elegantly amidst the historic backdrop that defined this medieval marvel of a city—a task made effortless by their natural beauty.

On a breathtaking summer morning, we rendezvoused, marveling at the serene tranquility enveloping the city. Amidst the enchanting Golden Light Hour, we embarked on a journey through their favorite locales, beginning with the ethereal Charles Bridge. Against the backdrop of rushing waters and fluttering birds, the sunrise painted a sublime tapestry of hues, wrapping Dalila and Andreas in its gentle embrace as they reveled in the moment, their smiles radiant against the dawn's palette.

But perhaps the most captivating sight was witnessing their profound love manifest in every step they took, hand in hand, amid the tranquil morning ambiance. As sunlight filtered through the arches, casting a fiery red glow upon the couple in the Old Town Square, it seemed as though time itself had paused to admire their affection.

Among the countless sessions I've captured, theirs remains a personal favorite. Crafting a magnificent large-format book as a testament to their enduring love was a joyous endeavor—a keepsake destined to be treasured by generations to come. And a timeless memento of their love as enduring as the cityscape that framed it.

sexy Italian couple walking atop Charles Bridge sunrise

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