Best Times for a Photo Session

If you want amazing portraits you must have a photographer who understands how to work with light. Talented photographers, like painters are the ones who use light to their advantage. They are also quite adept at working in any type of lighting situation. However there are certain times of the day where your images can really stand out. Presented here is a short synopsis on the different times and what makes them so special.

Boho styled love story


This is the time of day where the sun starts to peak above the skyline in the morning or just before sunset. For many photographers this is the ideal time of day, where you can not only capture the beautiful golden tones but also incorporate the sun's flare in your images. When captured correctly these images really stand out for their breathtaking beauty.

  • incredible golden light that creates warmth and gold & reddish tones
  • perfect for intimate images
  • ideal for incorporating lens flare, sun flare and even colorful silhouettes
  • because there is less contrast, shadows are less dark and highlights are less likely to be overexposed

Watching the sunrise over the Charles Bridge


That period when daytime turns to night or vice versa. Visually this is one of the most beautiful and creative time periods to capture and create vivid & dramatic portraits.

  • ideal for atmospheric & dramatic images especially as the sky flares above
  • more creative and artistic photos can be created especially with the aid of flash
  • vivid & bright colors, contrasty light make this an ideal time
  • in the early morning there are usually less people out allowing for more atmospheric imagery

Crucifix and Calvary bride & groom at sunriseTWILIGHT HOUR - BLUE HOUR

A short period when the day is ending and the night is beginning (or the reverse pre-dawn before sunrise).

  • magical, beautiful, romantic & incredible are how couples view their images captured during this time period
  • with the softness of the light unflattering shadows and contrast is normally reduced
  • an ideal time for creating portraits with rich color palettes
  • in the am there are usually few people out allowing for more atmospheric images at popular locations

Elegant Hong Kong couple atop Charles Bridge at night


  • the time of day where the atmosphere of the city feels most alive and fun
  • romantic images captured on gas lamp lit streets have a timeless appeal
  • as the sky is usually black the subject becomes the centre point of the image
  • a wonderful time for atmospheric & romantic portraits


  • the most common and longest time period of the day
  • typically uninspiring looking imagery that anyone can capture
  • as the sun is high in the sky the drawbacks are harsh shadows especially in the eyes and on faces
  • photographers are able to work in harsh light to create unique images but most will prefer to work when the sun is at its highest point.
  • flash can be used to fill in the shadows or some photographers will use the flash to over power the sun creating images that tend to look 'fake'. The image above was captured with the use of a flash in order to see their faces. Without flash this image would have been almost a silhouette

  • bride & groom walking near the Tower Bridge in London

    What happens if it is a cloudy? Cloudy days means less contrast and a soft diffused look. As the light is very flat, this can be quite wonderful for portraits. However it is not an ideal time for those panoramic or atmospheric images as the sky is 'washed out' or white (see image above). However it does not mean that your images will look terrible, in fact some couples love this look.

    As for rain, it can bring out the best in creative imagery. Of course having professional equipment is a big part of it such as the image below where a flash was put behind the couple to create this magical affect. If you were to use the flash on your camera and pointed towards you would have a completely different image.

    A sexy kiss in the torrentail rain at Prague Castle

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