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FAQ about Portrait SessionS in Prague

Locations & timelines

Whether you have specific locations in mind or prefer to leave it to us, we're here to tailor your experience to your preferences. In bustling Prague, we're well-versed in uncovering hidden gems known only to long-time residents—beautiful spots that offer both tranquility and charm, conveniently situated to optimize your time.

Please be advised that our sessions are designed for maximum efficiency, and we do not pause for hair and makeup changes or breaks. Our focus is on capturing the essence of your journey seamlessly, ensuring every moment is utilized to its fullest potential.

When is the best time for a pre-wedding portrait session in Prague?

For stunning images with minimal weather concerns, the period from April (when Cherry Blossom trees begin to bloom) through early October offers gorgeous conditions across most of Europe. Personally, September stands out as the most visually captivating time, with spectacular fall foliage making visits to gardens a must. The added benefit of shorter days, with late sunrises and early sunsets, allows for smoother and faster-paced sessions.

Early morning sessions offer the ideal opportunity to explore the city without the crowds, ensuring pristine images. For couples from Asia, we often begin pre-wedding sessions 1-2 hours before sunrise to capture enchanting night motifs, panoramic cityscapes, and creatively crafted nighttime portraits.

Do we need a car to get around?

If you prefer, we can arrange for a van to drive you around for an additional fee. However, it's worth noting that Prague is a small and compact city, allowing you to see and experience more by avoiding the traffic congestion, which can be quite heavy here. We generally advise against renting a car, as you may end up spending 20-30 percent of your time stuck in traffic. The only exception to this recommendation is during our long winter-themed sessions when the weather can be quite cold

Do we need to arrange transportation if we wish to go outside of Prague?

Yes, but don't worry, we can assist in organizing this for you. Most day sessions are approximately 200 EUR, and with a driver (up to 8 hours, including hotel pickup and drop-off).

Are there specific days that are better for booking?

Absolutely. We recommend scheduling sessions from Sunday to Thursday, although please note that some gardens may be closed on Mondays. Weekends tend to be busier with tourists, and sunrise sessions on the Charles Bridge can be particularly crowded, especially with revelers leaving clubs eager to photobomb your session.

When should you book your session?

Given the high demand during summer months, it's best to book your session as far in advance as possible. We require 50 percent upon booking, with the remaining balance due on the day of your session.

Attire Recommendations

While we encourage couples to bring their outfits to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, we understand that this may not always be feasible. For your convenience, we highly recommend the following establishments for attire:

Salan Maya (www.Salonmaya.cz): This atelier boasts English-speaking staff and offers a wide selection of dresses. We advise contacting them in advance or browsing their online offerings.

Kleinod Gentleman Store (www.kleinod.cz): Known for its high-quality suits and accessories, Kleinod usually has English-speaking staff and an extensive online catalog.

Numerous other options are available online for your consideration.

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Winter Themed Pre-Wedding Photo Session

For couples envisioning a winter-themed session, the optimal months are December through February, although we cannot guarantee cooperation from the weather. Please note that while these sessions yield breathtaking results, the cold weather may considerably slow our pace.

What to wear

Avoid dark clothing for nighttime shoots as it can be challenging to capture details. While red is a lovely color, it tends to draw too much attention away from the subjects, so use it sparingly. Similarly, very dark or black dresses may result in lost details, while loud patterns can be distracting. Ultimately, wedding fashion is subjective, so the choice is yours. Keep in mind that wearing high heels on Prague's cobblestones, particularly on the Charles Bridge, can be demanding. For longer sessions, opt for comfortable walking shoes to ensure your comfort throughout.

For the groom what to wear

When considering the groom's attire, opt for timeless colors like beige, blue, and gray, as they never go out of style. Avoid overly flashy patterns or hues, as they may look outdated over time. For a classic and sophisticated look, a matte black tuxedo paired with a white shirt and black bow tie always makes a bold statement. Choose matte textures over glossy ones, as they exude a more refined and elegant vibe.

How many outfits

The number of outfits you'll need depends on your shoot duration and schedule. Generally, plan for one outfit change every three hours. Most couples opt for their white wedding attire and an evening outfit, while some may choose up to three or even four changes. Keep in mind that each outfit change requires time for travel, changing, and possibly adjusting hair and makeup.

You have several options for managing outfit changes:

A) Stay at a centrally located hotel near iconic sites like the Charles Bridge, allowing for easy access and comfort throughout the session.

B) Hire a van for on-location changes, though this may result in some wrinkles and limited privacy. This approach is common in cities like Paris, where travel distances are significant.

C) Bring your suitcases, which is the budget option but comes with challenges. You'll need to consider who will handle and watch your belongings during the shoot, deal with potential wrinkles, and navigate public facilities for changing—a less-than-ideal experience.

In reality, most clients opt to avoid dragging suitcases around during the session, as it can be uncomfortable and impractical. Unlike in some Asian cities where leaving belongings unattended is safer, it's not advisable in Prague or many European cities, where theft is a concern.

Hair & makeup artists

We exclusively collaborate with top-notch professionals who are not only certified but also proficient in English. If you're interested in having a hair and makeup artist, we're delighted to recommend three of our favorites. Unlike some others in the industry, these artists do not pay us any commissions for referrals.

Achieving beautiful, flawless images is paramount for a successful session. That's why we believe having a dedicated hair and makeup artist present throughout the entire session is crucial—though it's not mandatory. Ultimately, your photos are the lasting memories you'll cherish, so investing a bit more for peace of mind is well worth it.

Wondering how it works with the hair and makeup artists? Once you've selected an artist, we recommend reaching out to them promptly to discuss your needs. Providing photos of your outfits and preferred hairstyles can help facilitate the discussion. Additionally, if you have any specific skin concerns, please inform your artist beforehand to ensure they use the appropriate makeup products.

For an extra fee, you can also opt for a hair and makeup trial to ensure you know exactly what to expect on the day of your session.

What do to the night before your session

To prepare for your session, ensure you get plenty of sleep as being well-rested is crucial. Many of our sessions begin early, so you may still be adjusting to the time difference from Asia. It's also important to stay hydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids before and during your session.

To streamline your morning routine, we recommend preparing your outfit the night before. Hang your clothes to prevent wrinkles, and lay out all your accessories on a table for easy access. Ensure your stylist has ample space to work and that the area is well-lit for optimal results.

For the ladies, it's essential to shower before your makeup and hair stylist arrives, as time is limited. A full hair and makeup preparation typically takes about 2-1/2 hours. As for the gentlemen, there's no need to wait the entire time. Instead, be sure to have breakfast before getting dressed for the session.


We highly recommend and encourage personalizing your session to meet your unique needs and preferences. For couples looking to create a distinctive motif, we offer the option to incorporate specific props and themes upon request. This may include items such as candles, lamps, champagne flutes, champagne, parasols, and more.

In general, we always encourage our clients to tailor their portrait sessions to reflect their tastes and styles—it's your session, after all! If you'd like to explore personalized options further, please feel free to discuss your ideas with a member of our team for more detailed guidance and assistance.

Flowers, balloons, musicians

Are you interested in adding a beautiful bouquet to your session, or perhaps incorporating a string quartet for a touch of elegance? Or maybe you're envisioning a more editorialized style, complete with champagne, candles, and more? No need to worry—we can connect you with talented and creative vendors who can assist in bringing your vision to life.


Ideally, staying in Mala Strana (very close to the Charles Bridge) is recommended, as it's the focal point of our shooting locations and allows for easier access during outfit changes. It's worth noting that some hotels may have names like 'XXX Mala Strana,' such as our favorite IBIS Mala Strana. However, this hotel is located in Andel and not in Mala Strana. If you're uncertain, feel free to reach out to our team for personalized recommendations.

Additional fees

Boat rentals (priced at 20 - 25 EUR per 45 minutes), horse and carriage rides (ranging from 75 - 90 EUR per 45 minutes), and Old Timer (vintage car) rentals (with various prices and models) are billed at cost to the client.

Many gardens impose 'wedding photography' or 'commercial photography' admittance fees, usually ranging from 30 - 50 EUR. Additionally, we offer a new location—a beautifully weathered palace perfect for old-world-styled portrait sessions, with a fee of 100 EUR for 30 minutes.

Due to disruptions during church services, churches in Prague no longer permit interior shooting. Special interior locations like chateaus and castles typically offer free access to shooting on the grounds, but there may be an additional fee for interior shooting.

Symbolic ceremonies

We have been asked if we can arrange a symbolic ceremony and the answer is yes! Please contact our team to discuss options and packages.

Rain policy

Unfortunately, due to the high costs associated with our staff and the likelihood of being booked for weddings, other clients, or traveling the next day, we cannot guarantee the postponement of your session due to inclement weather. While we may pause the session at our discretion, any additional fees for the crew's time must be agreed upon and discussed in advance. Alternatively, we can utilize some of Prague's most captivating interior spaces.

In our experience, we've only had to postpone sessions until the next day in Prague twice, and fortunately, we were available. However, due to the high probability of rain in Paris during the summer months, we regret to inform you that we no longer offer Paris as a shooting location due to this issue.

Booking policy

To secure your date with us, we request a signed contract and a 50 percent retainer fee. The remaining balance is due on or before the day of the session. Additionally, as a registered and licensed business, we are obligated to provide you with an official receipt upon completion of all services.


While we strive to offer complimentary consultations before your session, during peak times, or due to travel requirements, this may not always be feasible. However, we're happy to arrange a Skype chat or WhatsApp call to discuss all details online before your session. Our dedicated staff members, Martina and Dorota, are committed to ensuring that everything is meticulously arranged in advance of your arrival. Rest assured, we'll also carve out ample time for conversation and relaxation during the session, so you can fully enjoy the experience without any stress over the details.

Lighting crew

My top priority is creating flawless and stunning images that capture the essence of each moment. That's why I always ensure (for larger collections) I have the right team members who can expertly handle any lighting scenario and weather changes. Typically, I work alongside 1 or 2 lighting technicians who are skilled at optimizing lighting conditions to achieve professional and first-class results.

For many couples, these sessions represent a significant investment in both time and expenses. Thus, having a team that consistently delivers exceptional results is paramount. While some photographers solely rely on 'natural light,' I believe in employing a versatile approach that caters to various lighting situations.

Photographers who exclusively use natural light may either possess exceptional talent in maximizing available light or may be opting for a shortcut to boost their profit, potentially compromising on the quality of their images. While talented natural light photographers are highly sought after, they may come at a higher cost.

One downside of relying solely on natural light is the limitation it poses for capturing nighttime portraits or adapting to variable lighting conditions – areas where we specialize. As a seasoned professional with years of experience, I adeptly provide both natural light and artificial lighting techniques, depending on the specific requirements of each situation.

Ultimately, having an assistant who can contribute to creating ethereal, dreamy, and magical portraits is a unique advantage that sets our work apart from that of natural light shooters.

Personal assistants

We're often asked if we can provide a personal assistant to assist you during your session. While having a large crew can be advantageous, it also tends to attract attention from crowds. However, if you prefer to have a personal assistant to help carry your items, we can arrange this for an additional fee of 100 EUR per 4 hours. Please note that the photographer and the lighting crew cannot be responsible for carrying your items during the session as they are already carrying their gear.

For our VIP clients seeking more extensive assistance, such as shopping companions or additional support, we collaborate with several experienced professionals. These individuals, many of whom manage or own their wedding agencies, can provide invaluable assistance tailored to your specific needs.

What is our basic retouching?

We've upgraded to Capture One Pro and now utilize 5K resolution monitors across all our workstations. Widely acclaimed by professional and studio photographers globally, Capture One Pro stands out as the premier photo editing software. While many people use the term 'Photoshop' to refer to image retouching and editing, our standard image creation process involves overall color balance, density adjustments, and contrast enhancements.

During peak seasons, our proofs may take 4-6 weeks to finalize. We aim to deliver near-finished images rather than raw proofs straight out of the camera, ensuring each image meets our quality standards. Additionally, we meticulously curate the selection to present you with only the best images, avoiding redundant or similar shots.

Once we receive your list of selected files, we move forward with further refining the images. This includes skin retouching (within reason), blemish removal (within reason), skin lightening upon request, and enhancing eyes and teeth. We address issues like wrinkles under the armpits, straps, dress marks, neck wrinkles, and under-eye shadows, aiming for a natural look without heavy glamour retouching.

For clients seeking additional enhancements, such as a Glamour Glow filter, please reach out to us for pricing details. However, please note that we do not alter body proportions or remove people, objects, or cars, as this is a time-consuming process that may incur additional charges. Our retouchers may address certain issues at their discretion, prioritizing the overall beauty of the image.

While we consider special requests, additional fees may apply due to the valuable time of our retouchers. We strive to provide exceptional service while maintaining the integrity of your images.

How long before we get our files?

Typically, we require 2-3 weeks to meticulously edit and stylize your session. After receiving your list of selected images, we allocate another 2-3 weeks to finalize them.

For couples in need of expedited service, we offer express options for an additional fee. Please reach out to our team member for rates and availability. It's important to note that our commitment to delivering polished, beautiful images necessitates this timeframe.

Raw files

We usually do not shoot in RAW. Contact us for our rates if you desire to have RAW Files.

How many images do you shoot per hour?

My primary focus is on quality above all else. Therefore, I typically capture between 30 to 50 images per hour, taking into account the unique dynamics of each couple and the specific situation

Digital file creation

We utilize Capture One Pro v.23 for all final file creation, including our signature art series images. Our computer systems consist of iMac Pros equipped with dual 5K monitors, complemented by an additional BENQ 5K monitor for secondary screens. To maintain color accuracy, we rely on DataColor Spyder X calibration systems.

Our photography equipment includes Sony A7iii, Canon EOS 1dsMarkIII, 5dMarkIV, 5dMarkiii, DJMavic Drones, etc. For certain select sessions, we may also incorporate a Mamiya RZ67 with a Phase One digital back.

Additionally, we furnish your lab with a comprehensive file information sheet detailing their creation process and recommended color space, ensuring faithful reproduction of our envisioned images.


We provide all files with a shared copyright release, granting you the freedom to print your images as desired. Additionally, each file is accompanied by a copyright notice and a detailed file information sheet. This ensures your printer has the necessary information to accurately reproduce your images.

Routes, Itineraries, hair & makeup, etc

We provide routes, itineraries, and additional information about your hair & makeup artist upon receipt of a signed contract and your deposit.

General information about Prague

For authentic insights on where to go, what to do, and how to avoid tourist traps during your visit to Prague, check out Honest Guide by Janek & Honza. Their informative videos provide an honest perspective on this beautiful city, covering everything from currency exchange tips to must-visit attractions. It's an invaluable resource for travelers seeking genuine advice.

Additional useful resources for a more informed and pleasant stay in Prague!


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