MingSi & Nicholas

Dramatic, Cinematic & Romantic pre weddings Prague
MS & N during their sunrise pre wedding
MingSi & Nick atop the Charles Bridge
MingSi & Nich atop the Charles Bridge at sunrise
sun flared kiss Prague pre wedding
dramatic kiss for his bride2be
enjoying the sunshine Prague pre wedding
spinning his bride2be
wonderful couple sharing a moment

An atmospheric pre-weddings Photo Session

I am often asked 'what happens if it rains?' Truth is we will either postpone it a day if we have the availability. But if we can not postpone due to either parties schedule we simply work through it. This is exactly the situation that our latest couple from Singapore, MingSi & Nicholas found themselves in - they simply had no choice. Their pre-weddings portrait session had to be captured that day.

As a professional my first concern is keeping the clients happy. We started with a few portraits under the Charles Bridge where I focused on capturing some art shots. When I showed them the beauty of the rain drops frozen by the backlit lighting their eyes and smiles said it all. Instead of having a disaster they had an image that exceeded their expectations.

And then it was time to go up on to the bridge. With our umbrellas in hand and a completely deserted Charles Bridge we concentrated on creating some artistic portraits. The results speak for themselves. Just as we had a few different types it stopped raining and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Shortly afterwards the clouds parted and the morning sunrise began to take shape. It was a somewhat difficult start to our day that improved as time went on.

Our next stop after the Charles Bridge was the always popular Old Town Square. This square is one of Europe's most beautiful and when these two arrived and took in the grandeur of it all they could only smile. One of the sweetest pictures is of Nicholas bending down to assist MingSi with her shoe. It was one of many quiet moments they experienced. One of my favorite images from the square is when we covered their faces with the veil and as they smiled and laughed Nicholas sweetly kissed his bride2be. It is a picture that many couples have asked about having.

The wonderful thing about MingSi & Nicholas pre-weddings photo session? Just how happy they were with everything and that their images exceeded their expectations. Nicholas was kind enough to leave some words on Google about their experience:

The day started out wet but Kurt made sure to utilize the environment to snap some of the best photos we had ever seen.

The old adage applies: when you invest in a professional you will receive professional results. Sometimes you will end up with images that will blow your minds too!

More information on this layout and design

This album features a very clean and classical layout. Minimal white space was used in order to accentuate the large sized imagery. At most only 3 images were displayed across a 2 page spread. 18 spreads were created for this beautiful Album.

Locations in chronological order:

The Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Wallentstein Palace, Prague Castle

Session duration: 6 hours (over an 8 hour period)

Session style: posed, art-directed, spontaneous, reportage.

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