Romantic, Dramatic & Cinematic pre weddings Prague

MINGSI & NICHOLAS' Rainy start to a beautiful pre-wedding

The perennial question of "What if it rains?" often arises, and the truth is, we adapt. Whether it means rescheduling or embracing the elements, our priority remains ensuring our clients' satisfaction. MingSi and Nicholas, who traveled over from Singapore, faced this dilemma head-on—they had no choice but to proceed with their pre-wedding portrait session despite the rain.

As a professional, my focus is on turning challenges into opportunities. We began beneath the iconic Charles Bridge, where I sought to capture the artistry of raindrops illuminated by the soft backlight. Seeing the wonder in MingSi and Nicholas's eyes as they beheld the unexpected beauty of the rain-filled frames was immensely gratifying. Instead of disappointment, they found delight in images that surpassed their expectations.

With umbrellas in hand, we ascended the deserted Charles Bridge, seizing the moment to craft artistic portraits amidst the rain-slicked cobblestones. The results were nothing short of breathtaking. Just as we hit our stride, the rain subsided, and a sense of relief washed over us. Soon, the clouds parted, and the sunrise lent a newfound radiance to our surroundings—a testament to the resilience of love in the face of adversity.

Our journey led us next to the enchanting Old Town Square, where the grandeur of the surroundings elicited smiles of pure joy from MingSi and Nicholas. Amidst quiet moments of togetherness, we captured timeless images, including a tender moment as Nicholas assisted MingSi with her shoe—a testament to their unwavering support for one another. One particular image, where their faces are obscured by the veil, yet their laughter and love shine through, has become a cherished favorite among couples.

What truly sets MingSi and Nicholas's pre-wedding photo session apart besides the beautiful rainy images that many couples have asked us to repeat? The fact that we exceed their expectations. Nicholas's kind words shared on Google about their experience serve as a testament to the magic captured amidst the raindrops and sunbeams—a testament to love's ability to shine brightest, even on the stormiest of days.

The day started out wet, but Kurt made sure to utilize the environment and snap some of the best photos we had ever seen!

Dramatic, Cinematic & Romantic pre weddings Prague

MS & N during their sunrise pre weddingMingSi & Nick atop the Charles BridgeMingSi & Nich atop the Charles Bridge at sunrisesun flared kiss Prague pre weddingdramatic kiss for his bride2beenjoying the sunshine Prague pre weddingspinning his bride2bewonderful couple sharing a momentassisting her with her shoes as the sun flaressexy, dramatic pre weddingsMingSi & Nicholas walking in the Wallenstein gardenWallenstein Garden pre weddingposing like a boss at the Wallensteinexperiencing the Wallenstein GardenMingSi & Nich at Loreta in PragueMS&N during Prague pre weddingwalking through Prague Castle