Regina & Peissu

Walking on the Charles Bridge at night
Enjoying the pre dawn hour in Prague
walking up the Kampa Steps
walking across the Charles Bridge at sunrise
portraits of the bride & groom
bride & groom watching the sunrise Prague Old Town
bride & groom Old Town Square Prague at sunrise
bride & groom sunrise portraits Prague Old Town
Running to her groom at the Rudolfinum

A sun filled pre wedding portrait session with Regina & Peissu

The warmth of the morning sun as it flared above the spires of Tyn Church was a sight that left Regina & Peissu (USA) completely speechless. They watched silently as the cool morning mist created an ethereal quality as the sun flared over the historic Old Town. Visibly impressed with the atmosphere they quietly sat down to enjoy the rare fleeting moment. Moments later they stood up and embraced. As they walked around Peissu took Regina by the hand for a small impromptu dance as the sun peaked beautifully from above. It was a breathtaking moment that will never be forgotten.

This was just the early part of their session where we literally had the sights all to ourselves. Knowing that Regina was interested in having some bridal portraits we led them to one of our favorite gardens at the Wallenstein Palace. As we reached the fountain in the back the light was at a perfect angle and this is where we created a series of sun flared portraits. If you want to see a beautiful woman radiate happiness - those portraits are certainly worthy of your attention. Peissu being the perfect gentleman stood by and smiled as she was the star. A few tourists who were passing by noticed our small session and as they approached us, quietly took out their cameras and captured this scene as well.

The only way to make her portraits better was to take out a second veil for more artistic bridal portraits. You can see some of them in their album layout - the light, the smiles, the mood and the feel beautifully captures that moment.

There were many wonderful moments captured that summer morning where it felt like time stood still. Where every location we visited provided them with a pleasant surprise. It was truly a perfect day to explore the magical city of Prague.

More information on this layout and design

This album features a very clean and modern layout that focuses on playing the images as large as possible. Minimal white space was used in order to accentuate the imagery. At most only 3 images were displayed across a 2 page spread to showcase the beauty of each image.

A total of 19 spreads were created.

Locations in chronological order:

Charles Bridge, Kampa Steps, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Rudolfinum, Wallenstein Garden (fountain pictures), Loreto, Novy Svet, Petrin, Secret Garden, Charles Bridge

Session duration: 6 hours (over an 8 hour period)

Session style: posed, art-directed, spontaneous, reportage.

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