Best locations in Prague for taking portraits

Prague is rightfully one of Europe's most beautiful cities to visit. The magical atmosphere of the 'City of 100 Spires ' has been impressing visitors alike for hundreds of years. With its cathedrals, historic bridges, stunning architecture, and fairy tale old world vibes it truly is a UNESCO world heritage site worthy of your visit.

Though the city has a small city center, you can spend days exploring here and still feel like you have not seen enough. That is why we have created a short list of must-have locations worth considering for your Prague portrait session.

Twilight pre wedding couple walking Charles BridgeThe Charles Bridge

Prague's historic and iconic Charles Bridge is one of the most popular locations and for good reason. Featuring many statues, gas lamps, and of course views toward Prague Castle and the opposite view of the new town skyline - it is a unique and historic place that is a must-have for visitors to Prague.

For couples wishing to avoid the massive crowds we highly suggest an early morning session - especially at or before sunrise. For those wishing to have atmospheric & romantic night portraits visiting the Charles Bridge before sunrise is a unique experience that you will never forget.

Couple walking in an empty Prague underneath the OrlojThe Astronomical Clock

A masterpiece from the Medieval Age, the Prague Astronomical Clock is the third-oldest in the world and the oldest still functioning. The Orloj mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town Square has been a must-have location for couples to visit for centuries. As such it is usually thronged with tourists who await the hourly 'Walk of the Apostles'.

For couples wishing to have a beautiful portrait devoid of the many tourists we highly recommend an early morning session. And do not be surprised if you see a small queue of Asian couples lining up waiting to be photographed underneath its facade.

Sun flared kiss Prague Old Town Square pre weddingTHE OLD TOWN SQUARE

Without a doubt, the historic Old Town Square in Prague is one of Europe's most beautiful squares. It is also an incredible location to be photographed in during the very early hours as the sun rises above Tyn Church casting its long shadows down below. The best time to visit is in the very early hours shortly before during and after sunrise.

Enjoying the twilightRIVERSIDE

For breathtaking scenes of the Charles Bridge the Riverside on the Mala Strana side is the location, especially the early morning and the magical twilight hour. Though most of the riverside has been built up over the years to accommodate the many tourist boats, this small patch of sand remains a favorite of locals and visitors alike. It is usually full of swans, birds, and other little furry animals due to locals feeding them here.

The above portrait was captured shortly before sunrise and sadly at that time of year, the swans were downriver.

a bride fluffs her veil as the sun flares around herKřížovníkě Namestý

For capturing sun-flared images this historic square (pictured above) snuggled in between the Charles Bridge and the Klementinum is picture-perfect. Though it is usually full of tourists by 10 am. A wonderful location to visit early in the am (or very late at night) and especially during the twilight hour. The direction facing away (pictured below) from the sun provides a gorgeous view overlooking the Charles Bridge with Prague Castle dominating the skyline. The Church of St. Francis of Assisi nearby is also worth visiting.

sexy couple embrace Prague Charles Bridge at night

KAMPA (Mala Strana)

Kampa is an island in the Vltava on the side of Mala Strana. The Charles Bridge crosses its northern tip and it is connected to the island by the street Na Kampe. It is separated by a narrow artificial channel to the west called the Devil's Stream (Čertovka), a waterway dug to power water mills (one still exists) that leads towards the John Lennon Wall. This small area is wonderful for both daytime and or nighttime motifs. The charming locations of Kampa especially with the Charles Bridge in the background are quite popular.

Golden light portraitsTHE WALLENSTEIN PALACE

This strictly geometrically designed early Baroque garden was created in parallel with the construction of the Wallenstein Palace from 1623 to 1629. At first sight, one's eyes are drawn to the massive sala pavilion, which at the time of its construction was unprecedented, and an artificial cave with stalactites (grotto). In summer the garden is the venue for concerts and theatrical performances. The outer walls (pictured above) also make for a wonderful background especially in the early morning light when the sunlight reflects off of the windows of buildings across the street creating these unique and beautiful patterns of light.

Wendy & Jack Prague overlooking PragueLETNA OVERLOOK

A favorite location high above the city - perfect for couples who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city down below.

above Novy Svet at sunsetNOVY SVET

A charming area behind the castle offers a peaceful location for couples wishing to get away from the crowds. The narrow streets and small houses offer a multitude of architectural styles.

T&J overlooking a foggy Prague during pre weddingSECRET GARDEN

Once a place that only the locals knew, the 'secret garden' is a wonderful location off the beaten track. Though bring your walking shoes as you will have to walk through the forest to get to it. The view never disappoints. Perfect for watching the sunrise and escaping the city.

Beautiful bride & groom in rowboat in Prague


Taking a boat out on the Vltava, especially during the Golden Light Hour is an unforgettable experience for many. A choice of rowboats or various styles of paddle boats can be chosen. In addition, we can assist in arranging special boats for a more luxurious experience.

Prague lifestyle photographer Z+P sunset photo