For many couples visiting Prague the first question they ask is where to go? The historic Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, and many places in and around the riverside in Mala Strana are the obvious choices. However, Prague is also renowned for its stunning & historic gardens. For anyone considering having a portrait session or needing a stunning outdoor wedding location - these gardens should be considered.

Presented here is a short list of our favorite gardens with some pros and cons about each.

Cinematic couple dancing above Ledebour Garden PragueLedebour Garden - upper level

embracing couple Ledebour Garden in PragueLedebour Garden - middle level

bride & groom strolling through the Ledebour Garden Ledebour Garden - lower level


Offering several visually stunning levels overlooking Prague, especially the historic Mala Strana below, this garden offers a wide array of architectural elements, including a few hidden surprises.

  • the most visually beautiful garden in Prague with stunning architecture and garden motifs
  • a perfect location for portraits - though it is advised to budget up to 2 hours here
  • a small cafe offers refreshments and there are WC facilities
  • the downside:
  • it is a steep walk uphill that offers very little shade
  • high heel shoes are not advisable
  • the early morning light is direct and as such it can be quite hot in the summer months
  • admittance fee is 1000 CZK (40 EUR) for commercial photography
  • no parking
  • wedding venue which means the lower level may not be available at certain times

photographing his bride2be at the Vrtba GardenVrtba Garden - upper level - with Prague Castle & St. Vitus (L) and St. Nicholas Church (R)

Prague pre wedding featuring Zoe & BIlly

Vrtba Garden - from upper level

Bridge & Groom at the Vrtba Garden as her veil blowsVrtba Garden - middle section

sun flare Vrtba Garden bride & groom portraitVrtba Garden - middle section

Zoe posing at the Vrtba Garden as Billy watches

Vrtba Garden - lower level


One of the most charming Baroque gardens in Prague offering 3 levels of incredible views. The views from this garden are not only impressive but should be a must-have for couples investing in a Prague pre-wedding photo session. The most sought-after location for garden motifs is Prague.

  • perfect for couples who desire beautiful garden motifs
  • various levels offering wonderful backdrops and views from above
  • perfect for capturing dramatic skyline images of Prague Castle and St. Nicholas Church
  • for photo shooting with limited time (less than 90 minutes) this garden is the best choice
  • WC facilities
  • the downside:
  • admittance fee of 500 CZK (20 EUR)
  • it is an uphill and a steep walk
  • not advisable for high heels
  • no parking
  • popular wedding venue which means a lower level may not be available
  • very popular with photographers and couples especially in the afternoon


The most popular garden in Prague is undoubtedly those at Prague Castle. Offering unique gardens and wonderful locations with incredible historic architecture you can easily spend an entire day here.

  • picturesque views overlooking Prague
  • stunning architecture
  • unique locations for picture-taking
  • free admittance
  • the downside:
  • waiting times can be up to 45 minutes to enter the castle complex
  • extremely busy with tourists
  • you are not allowed to walk on the grass
  • for photo shooting, it is not recommended

Enjoying the scenery Wallenstein Garden pre wedding

One of the famous albino peacocks who live at the Wallenstein Garden

WALLENSTEIN GARDEN or the Waldstein Garden

A historic garden offering beautifully landscaped grounds with a small man-made lake, stunning views looking up towards Prague Castle, and interesting architectural elements. Home to the Parliament of the Czech Republic, its grounds are open to the public and also home to many peacocks who live there.

  • stunning architectural views of Prague Castle from below
  • ideal times are very early in the am or late afternoon when the sun is behind the castle above
  • unique locations for picture taking both with the architecture and gardens
  • free admittance
  • WC facilities
  • the downside:
  • with many concerts in the summer months, it can be quite busy
  • on the tourist route

Enjoying the view of Castle Pruhonice post wedding


This garden is located 30 minutes south of the city center. In addition to the large expansive garden, Pruhonice Castle overlooking the lake and garden below is an oasis of calm for couples who are willing to travel outside of the city centre.

  • lush greenery and gardens with a stunning castle overlooking the lake provide a unique backdrop
  • garden locations for picture-taking
  • the downside:
  • paid admittance for commercial photography
  • traveling to and from the city center is on average 60 minutes
  • to capture this location you would need to spend at least 90 minutes here to simply walk around to the lake itself for the view pictured above

Jessica Ronald Prague pre-wedding Photography 1