Eloping can be an amazing adventure and a wonderful way to start your married life

Many couples who would have normally planned a large wedding day celebration are instead eloping. With the right planning an elopement can be an amazing adventure and a fantastic way to start your married life and in your own unique way.

Let's face it Covid has been a game changer - especially in the wedding industry. With so much uncertainty couples are rethinking their wedding experiences. For some, eloping to a far off land or somewhere nearby makes sense. The traditional view of eloping where a couple sneaks off to marry is over. Todays couples are now creating memorable adventures for themselves and sometimes with close family & friends in attendance.

Listed here are 8 reasons why I believe eloping or having an elopement make sense

  1. A 'just us' experience - intimate, honest, personal - focused entirely on the two of you
  2. Authenticity - it’s your day - make it about you by skipping out on the traditional route
  3. Why not combine your elopement and your honeymoon?
  4. No wedding day drama, stress, politics and peer pressure
  5. You can do it anywhere: under the stars at an abandoned castle, at sunrise overlooking a medieval city as the sun breaks across the skyline or…? You are only limited by your imagination.
  6. Sustainable more Eco friendly experience
  7. Plan for your marriage and not the wedding
  8. You can celebrate afterwards with a big party and showcase those beautiful photos from your amazing adventures to your family & friends

‘A big wedding is not for everyone - so why not make it about you!’

Just Us

The beauty of eloping is that there are endless options to create something unique. One of our American couples had a candlelit ceremony on the grounds of a castle shortly after sunset. Another exchanged their vows overlooking Prague as the sun’s first light broke above the horizon. While others go the quick and easy route such as an Old Town Hall ceremony.

Wedding planners can be called upon to create unique motifs such as: candle lit ceremonies with musicians, hors d'oeuvre, champagne, fireworks or whatever you wish to make the experience more meaningful for you. The reality is - you are only limited by your imagination.

A useful tip

Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean that you cannot have the experience of the ‘1st look.’ In fact, I highly recommend it. Your photographer is usually the best person to organize it visually and they will ensure that you have images you will be proud of.


Let's face it, weddings are not for everyone. The pomp and circumstances, the traditions, the formality - it can be mentally and financially draining on couples. Also many of the traditions can seem quaint or old fashioned. Does anyone really know why they must cut the wedding cake together?

You can chose to have your elopement with close family & friends or you can opt for a more private affair consisting of just the officiant and the photographer who often acts as a witness.

The popularity of the pre-wedding photo session

Couples from Asia have reinvented the elopement experience. For many it means to travel to a far off land for a pre-wedding photo session on the same day they marry.

While others have their portrait session after the wedding ceremony complete with several outfit changes and stylish evening wear. They usually will share these photos with their family & friends back at home. For some this means having a party in a big hall where they will showcase their photos on a big screen. While others have large format prints that greet the guests to their wedding dinner.


Traditional weddings are typically expensive affairs. When my sister married her wedding celebration was over $100,000. With ice sculptures, Cuban cigars and live musical acts. It was lavish. Not everyone needs or wants to have something so grandiose. With an elopement wedding your biggest costs may simply be the travel costs and the wedding photography.

The other element that is causing couples to rethink their experience: Eco friendly weddings. Having those large weddings with lots of people traveling to and from, the fireworks display and of course the amount of rubbish at the end of the night - is just not sustainable. For many couples smaller, unplugged and eco friendly makes sense.

The pressure of having the perfect wedding

What is your idea of a perfect wedding? Is it a wedding in a barn? Or a Bohemian wedding in a field? Or is it a modern wedding atop a famous building with stunning views? Or in a church? One of the best reasons to elope is that you forego all of this and simply create an experience that is tailored especially to the two of you.

One recent example was a couple who trekked to a volcano in Iceland. Besides their hiking equipment and their wedding attire that they changed into - the only thing they brought was a bible, a bouquet and a whiskey flask with 4 glasses to celebrate. Visually it was a stunning experience - though not for the faint at heart or those who are not in shape to hike the many miles up.

Intimate & personal

The reason why I am a big fan of elopements? It is your day, the old rules no longer apply - so be as sexy, romantic, crazy or as outlandish as you wish. But make it yours.

We would enjoy hearing your ideas, experiences. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.