Golden light portraits


Meet Tina and Mike, our latest couple brimming with energy and charm, who journeyed to Prague for a Natural Light Portrait Session. Having already endured the rigors of a three-dress pre-wedding photoshoot in Taiwan, they craved a different kind of experience—one that was relaxed, spontaneous, and devoid of the usual formalities.

Their vision? A carefree exploration of Prague's most enchanting locales, with minimal posing and maximum fun. Tina and Mike's vibrant personalities shone through, infusing each moment with laughter and joy. Rarely do we encounter a couple so eager to embrace life's adventures without a hint of self-seriousness.

As the sun began its ascent, we commenced our journey at the iconic Charles Bridge, capturing the ethereal beauty of the early morning light. From there, we ascended to Prague Castle, a sprawling complex offering endless opportunities for enchanting portraits amidst its historic splendor.

Descending to the riverside, we stumbled upon a serendipitous moment—the usually bustling Mala Strana lay bathed in a tranquil glow, devoid of its typical tourist crowds and traffic. Against this magical backdrop, Tina and Mike danced with the castle looming overhead, a scene both enchanting and surreal.

Despite the bustling activity along the riverside, Tina and Mike remained undeterred, their love shining brightly amidst the flurry of activity, surrounded by the graceful presence of swans.

The outcome? Priceless. Natural Light Love Stories like Tina and Mike's are a reminder of the magic that unfolds when adventurous souls surrender to the moment and enjoy life to its fullest!

The gorgeous bride & groom underneath the tower

Charles Bridge is for loversT&M during their Prague pre weddingCharles Bridge portraitsTina & Mike Prague pre weddingfunny momentssexy bridal portraitscenter of attention at Prague CastleAt the castle Tina & Mikespinning his bride in Mala Stranaenjoying the viewWalking down the castle stepsas the sun flaresTina & Mike walking in Mala Stranaspinning his bride in Novy Mestosun flared kiss for the bride2bespinning his bride near the Charles BridgeT&M overlooking Prague
spinning his bride at the Vrtba Garden