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Syon House Wedding in London - residence of the Duke of Northumberland

The wedding highlight of 2015 must be that of Sherry & Ken’s wedding at the Syon House in London. These two are one of my favorite couples from a few years back, We had not only an amazing time on their pre wedding photo session in Prague, but we stayed in touch and became great friends. To be honest I was quite surprised when Ken contacted me about their London wedding. Sherry had reviewed many portfolios and yet, she decided that my team and I must be at their London wedding. Who am I to say no to such a wonderful couple? With the crew consisting of Cary (an outstanding videographer) & Kari (our amazing summer intern from Seattle) we traveled to London for a truly elegant and unforgettable wedding with our old friends.

The day before their big wedding, they had requested a sunrise pre wedding portrait session. Of course this being London it poured down rain within 10 minutes of our starting at the Tower Bridge. It was quite a disastrous start. So what to do? This was obviously something Sherry had wished for. As Ken & Sherry’s afternoon and evening was very busy with appointments and family commitments we agreed to simply post pone their pre wedding portrait session until the next day: the wedding day. Sherry would not have had it any other way.

As they were staying at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel (it is a beautiful hotel and it is stunning for bridal and wedding portraits) we decided to have a short 20 minute portrait session the day of their wedding before leaving for the Syon Park. With the blessing of the hotel staff (who were awesome to work with) these portraits are undoubtedly quite striking and beautiful as this is a truly incredible location for wedding portraits or simply fashion styled portraiture.

Upon our arrival to the Syon House, which is one of the great manor houses in London, we were treated like old friends and warmly welcomed into the many of its great rooms and halls. Truth be told, the staff are old hands at creating a very elegant wedding day experience and we were all blown away by the hospitality during our stay. In fact, of the many places I have worked with worldwide the Syon Park is one of the most memorable for many reasons.

After their wedding day at the Syon Park was over we traveled back into the heart of of London, and had a few hours rest before joining our newlyweds for an extraordinary dinner at the Jamie Oliver restaurant Barbecoa. With Sherry & Ken and their families and close friends it was a wonderful dinner with fine wine and very tasty meats as we viewed the rooftop of St. Pauls and the many beautiful people who dined there.

After dinner, it was time to embark on our makeup pre wedding session that Sherry truly wished to have. With their close friend Matthew and Sherry’s sister Cherie joining us, we headed out for a very fun, fast paced, 2 hour post wedding session in the late evening of a beautiful summer evening in London. It was in a word: Beautiful!

I really do hope that this small collection of images presented here captures the joy and the fun that these two wonderful people experienced during their London wedding.

bride & groom walking near the Tower Bridge in London

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This album features a classical layout.Various pages and styles were used to showcase the many wonderful moments.

The album has 48 layouts with many layouts showcasing a single image to emphasis the portraits.

Locations in chronological order:

Syon House, City of London, Tower Bridge, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, Syon House, St. Pauls cathedral, final images near the London Eye, Big Ben and the river Thames. Closing image Syon House.

Session style: posed, art-directed, spontaneous, reportage.

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