A shy bride and her always-smiling groom WED AT THE VRTBA GARDEN IN PRAGUE

Katie and Michael's wedding at the Vrtba Garden in Prague was an unforgettable affair, filled with poignant moments and heartfelt emotions. Originating from London, they chose Prague as the backdrop for their special day, a city that held a cherished place in their hearts from a previous visit.

Their desire for a unique experience for their international guests led them to opt for Prague over London. Despite being a more contemporary couple, they favored simplicity over extravagance. For them, the essence of the day lay in the ceremony, a private portrait session capturing the essence of their favorite locations, and the evening festivities. Their vision for the photography was refreshingly candid; they sought authenticity over staged poses, allowing their genuine connection to shine through.

The Vrtba Garden served as an enchanting venue, adding to the magic of the occasion with its timeless charm. Their portrait session took them to various picturesque spots, including panoramic views of Prague, the majestic Prague Castle, and a tranquil interlude at the Ledebour Garden. For the evening celebration, they chose the Alchymist Grand Hotel, renowned for its opulent interiors and idyllic setting in the heart of Mala Strana, ensuring a perfect blend of elegance and romance to cap off their special day.

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