Penar & Cem

Prague wedding

Bride & groom enjoying the warmth of the sunrise

Upon meeting Penar & Cem the day before their wedding, it was clear that we clicked instantly. Their excitement about their impending wedding and their eagerness to explore the beauty of Prague was palpable. Traveling from Istanbul with their close family members, they had chosen to marry at the Turkish Embassy and were hoping for an extraordinary wedding day adventure.

However, one concern weighed heavily on their minds: the influx of tourists and the fact that their wedding was scheduled for lunchtime, which they knew to be less than ideal due to the harsh midday sun and unfavorable lighting conditions. As we discussed their backgrounds (both met in medical school) and aspirations (dreams of practicing medicine in the UK), I found myself drawn to their genuine warmth and enthusiasm.

Inspired by my experience capturing sunrise portrait sessions for Asian couples, I proposed the idea of an early morning session to Penar & Cem. The prospect of experiencing the serene beauty of a sunrise resonated with them immediately, and with the assistance of a trusted hair and makeup artist, Linda Chudmilova, we swiftly made arrangements, pending favorable weather conditions.

On the morning of their wedding day, we gathered on the nearly deserted Charles Bridge as the sky began to illuminate with soft hues. Immersed in the tranquility of the moment, with only the sounds of rushing water and distant birdsong, Penar & Cem reveled in the serene atmosphere. After capturing a few posed portraits, we stepped back to allow them to absorb the beauty in their way.

Throughout the day, we explored various picturesque locations, from the Old Town bathed in the dawn's first light to the enchanting Ledebour Garden, chosen as their final backdrop. As they sought a meaningful conclusion to their session, the garden provided a fittingly beautiful setting.

Sometimes, words are inadequate to capture the essence of an experience. In the case of Penar & Cem, I'll let their stunning photos and minimalist album design speak for themselves.

Bride & groom under the gas lamp atop the Charles Bridge

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