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sun flared near Loreto

The early morning sunlight flares magestically above a young couple as they sit amongst the statues near Prague's historic Loreto within the castle complex.

For this shy & adventurous couple, we began their pre dawn session overlooking Prague at one of our favorite locations. As they watched the morning sun break above the historic skyline of Prague Castle and the valley down below they were giggling and laughing. They simply could not believe how lucky they were to experience that moment. On this morning we had a vivid display of colors that really created the warmth and drama that they were hoping for. A bit later we took them on a tour of this special place where they could sit, look around and enjoy the moment without feeling rushed. The flare that you see is 100% real. No photoshop. It is one of the unique characters of that particular lens. When I showed them this image on the back of the screen their hige smiles said it all. That is why I do what I do and love every moment of it.

Sun flared lovers at loreto - Prague pre weddings

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